Seaside Frolics
San Serif Print Promotions Ltd. Suffolk, UK
First produced
2 to 6


    An Edwardian seaside holiday game.
This game represents an Edwardian trip to the seaside incorporating popular activities of the day.
Visit as many activities as possible using spending money issued daily to each player and collect the relevant postcards within the time allocated. Play is controlled by the clock and the duration is flexible.
  Contents Notes
  1 x playing board with clock face and hands
1 x display box
6 x coloured playing pieces
252 x colour postcards
20 x plastic sixpenny coins
24 x plastic onepenny coins
1 x dice
1 x set of instructions printed on the inside cover of the box
The comic picture postcards are miniature colour reproductions from originals by Tom Browne and capture the flavour of Edwardian life illustrating the fun and pleasure of the holidaymaker. On the reverse side of the postcards are witty anecdotes for interest and amusement, together with points rewarded.
This game is produced to a high standard and will repay you with hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family.
A very clever, unique and well designed game.